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Art in the Blood

Women like Goddesses, primordial elements of nature appear in a magical dimension as suspended beyond space and time, images painted with light in a scenario that enhances the creativity that they are in this great photographer.

Of the many activities and businesses that have gone through his life, the one that is most close to his heart is the eye placed on the viewfinder to discover and tell a world through the lens. To paint, as he loves to repeat, with the palette of lights. Author of schockvertising social campaigns. He has great communication skills accompanied by an almost obsessive attention to detail. He has a strong creative sense and is called the "Photographer of Light".

The eye has always had the ability to know how to read within the soul with light, within the colors, the shape, the perspective of an action, or in movement, as well as over time to then translate each entity into a world of dark and light. Intense emotional interiority of an image that explodes into emotions.

It dominates in this sensoriality that is always on, always alert, outlining shapes, shadows and ideas in a world of image. An ego that tries to regenerate itself with a journey back to the origin. It upsets the perception of space and time and lets itself go into the light. Get to the soul.

Idea and will, horizon in the present, tiredness of modernity, Towards these absolute images without words, meeting as the only habitable place the very origin of seeing and of silent change.

Being as subject of the truth in artificial, paradoxically the last artistic gesture of living, which with extreme renewed awareness puts an end to itself. He tacitly eliminated the chatter of the useless, of the sound, creating cultured forms, from the geometry of light and colors.

He is a modern painter, the brush is his camera, and the color palette is light, painting with passion those he portrays by pulling out his soul as a great director does with his actors. The relationship with the figuration of life and death, the perception of time, are all in that short shot.

Carla Ferrari (Giornalista e Designer)

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